FSA/Postal Code:
# of Postal Codes:
Average House Price:
Nearest City:
Nearest Highway:
Bus Frequency:
Subway Frequency:
Point-of-Sale Advertising:
Openly Displayed Cigarettes:
Signs that Prohibit Smoking:
Signs Showing Harmful Effects:
# Cigarette Brands sold?:
# Smokeless Tobacco Brands?:
Available Packet Sizes:
Cheapest Brand Sold:
Marlboro Brand Sold:
# of Health Warning on Cheapest Pack:
Smoking Cessation Aids Sold
Junk Food Advertisment:
Sweet Drink Advertisment:
Fruit and Vegetable Advertisment:
Cigarette and Tobacco Advertisment:
Alcohol Advertisment:
# of Types of Fruit:
3+ Fruits Appear to be Damaged:
3+ Fruits are Specially Packaged:
# of Types of Vegetables:
Healthy Food Basket
Junk Food Combination
Salads as Main Dish:
Increase Portion Size Option:
Buffet Service:
Health Check Items:
Nutritional Information Provided:
Store Sells Alcoholic Beverages?:
Price of a 750-ml Bottle of White Wine?
Price of 24-Cans of Beer?: